Axel Club


The axel is one of the hardest jumps in Figure Skating. Our skaters work hard every day on their skills, but this one is a huge achievement and deserves special recognition.


To become an Axel Club member, skaters must perform a successful axel in competition or in front of three coaches using the following criteria:

  • In Competition:  IJS protocol must show an under or full value axel regardless of negative GOEs. Protocol sheet can be turned in with the Axel Certification Form

  • Coach Certified: If no IJS protocol is available the jump can be performed in front of three coaches (none of which are the primary coach of the athlete).  Two of the three coaches must agree on rotational value.  Max...2 times to successfully perform the jump during certification test. Coaches must sign the Axel Certification Form

Certification form can be downloaded here

For questions or to return forms, please contact